In the pursuit of happiness, success, safety …

Is safety a regular job or a work well done? Is safety a feeling when you know that you have arrived at the final station or when you do not have to move at all? Climbing by using a rope or waiting at the foot? Having a million Euros or an average wage? Does safety mean being successful? I often ask myself how safety affects the decisions we make in our lives.

We often take a route that is known and is not likely to bring as many surprises. Logically we choose battles that we will win easily. The zone of comfort does not do us any favour when we are searching for our final touch as it forces us to be static. Everyone takes the route over the edge to the best of their ability, bearing their goals in mind. However, in our dreams, the goals are high. To become a millionaire and to own a flat, or at least an apartment at the seaside, by the time we are thirty. All this by working four hours a day and being able to travel around the world. Google has offered us an excellent opportunity for instant results and we often transfer this to the real environment. Modern packages that are sold in every possible way include seven minutes a day for perfect buttocks, three minutes to achieve the Zen state of mind and stimulants in all forms.

But how to achieve real comfort? Insisting on uninterrupted happiness drives us to a constant pursuit of new impulses. The general repertoire is known – reading best sellers, podcasts with the #success hashtag, following people with several success stories. In fact, recipes for success are like chocolate. Although you may know all the ingredients, you do not know whether it will make all your taste buds feel alive or you will spit it out, until you put it in your mouth. If a successful entrepreneur gets up at five, eats his prosciutto first and trades outside the retrograde Merkur, that will certainly not suit us as well. We have to find our mixture of ingredients that is not sold anywhere. Our basic task is to find the meaning of our creation and living, which is definitely not money. It is true that the vapours of greed take you to the Maldives eventually, but the emptiness gives you a feeling that is worse than ploughing in the middle of a field.

In our pursuit, we are always disturbed by the noise from the environment and the crossroads inviting us in their directions and blurring our focus. This is exactly why we feel closer to moaning and the tangents on the edge of idleness. Motivation can be found, but it is only momentary. The effect wears off too soon. However, inner motivation requires more trawling through your foundations and that is precisely the most difficult. A successful plan for life is not sold in small packages like weight-loss pills.

The fact is that personal development is affected by age, heredity and environment. For most people life does not run smoothly naturally, but it takes life endurance from all of us. We are not all born in a productive environment and, therefore, we need more strength to come out of the cycle. However, we must not allow for the suitcase with our personal luggage to pull us back. If I whine constantly, I cannot expect my business path to be thriving. Even when we are surrounded by sheep, it is hard to be a wolf, as everyone is afraid of us. As soon as we open our mouths they scatter, because they do not understand us. Thus, we must find our pack of wolves that will howl at the moon with us. A gang of like-minded people creates harmony, pushing the limits with cooperation and inspiring others.

A fruitless period is accompanied by storms, and that is when persistence will be put to the test. It is terrifying to walk in the dark, but cutting corners is no more productive at all. We always crash into something landing a couple of steps back. Goals cannot be achieved using the left hand. Not even using only the right hand. Unless the goal is coffee to go. It is, thus, recommended to go slowly, in your own rhythm, following your own meaning.

The world is different today from what it was yesterday. It spins faster, requiring more strength from us to stop it and steal a few moments for ourselves. A long road lies in front of us where we create an open space every day that will make us feel safe. Could we say that safety is the route of the best views without riots? Sometimes, probably. But if we were static, how could we move and discover the world?

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