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Hello, I’m Romina.
I believe design connects everything.

It’s not just aesthetics. Nope, far from that.

Good design is aligning users’ needs
and your business goals.

Who am I?

I’m Romina, an independent design strategist, specializing in product design and design systems. A design-driven leader with 15+ years in digital product, and shipping products for brands like Stellar.org, OUTFIT7, Nissan, Nestle, Chipolo, and Zemanta.

I advise, coach, and consult with companies on product design, design strategy & design systems. I can show you how design drives business growth.

We made great things together

I can help you impact your business in 5 ways:


Create an amazing overall customer experience

Your business success hinges on the quality of the overall customer experience.


Solve user’s problems

People ignore design that ignores people.


Streamline your design processes

Good design process makes your work more efficient.


Add value with good design

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.


Build a design system

Design System reduces overhead and time to market. 

Why me

Business background

Numbers don’t measure everything that matters, but I have numbers I’m proud of. In other words – I know how to make your ROI higher.

Human-centered approach

I love well-designed products & services and strive to make brand interactions simple, useful, usable and enjoyable.

Hands down experience

Working globally in startups, corporate, VC and consulting environments, taught me how to combine the powers of design, technology and business.


I received multiple awards for my work on a local and global level.

Talks and workshops

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana –
Guest lecturer for Interactive Technology Design (2022 – 2023)


Faculty of Computer and Information Science,
University of Ljubljana
– Design and ROI (October 2022) 


Faculty for Economics, University of Ljubljana
– User Experience in Marketing (May 2022) 


DMS  – Workshop – How to setup a Design System  (October, 2021)

WEBSI Conference – How to implement design Strategy (2021)


NLB Bank – The importance of User Experience Design in Banking world


Cotrugli Business School (May 2018) – User Experience Design and Blockchain apps


CSS Meetup (November 2017) – User Experience Design in Fintech


Webcamp Ljubljana (2017) – Self friendly vs User Friendly


Product Tank (2016), Design in Product world


Startup müsli (2016), UX+UI=boljši ROI


UX:Laussane (2014), Mastering UX – Workshop


Podcast Reneseansa – What is Design Strategy and how to use it? (Slovenian language)


Romina: “Dizajn, ki je samo lep, je najslabši.”


Romina, kreativna ustvarjalka