Moving on

Nostalgia stung my heart a bit. I’m thinking about my favourite game when I was 6 years old. Me, my brother and my cousin were usually playing it when it was raining. It’s really simple. You just have to answer a simple question “What will you do when you will be 24, 26, 30, … ?”

My answer was always: “I just want to live and die by the sea.”. My brother’s wish was to have a ranch with a lot of horses somewhere in the mountains. We always promised each other to visit often, to care for each other, to spend holidays together, … We created mountains of expectation, the endless checklists. Everything looked so promising that we couldn’t wait to grow up.

Years went by, seasons changed and I grew up. Luckily, I still have the best brother and 3 more years to move to the seaside.

Moving on

Moving seems to be “my thing”. I moved 14 times in my life. It was always in 50 km radius, until last year when I decided to move to Switzerland.

I have to admit that moving is not so stressful anymore, even though it is frightening to leave behind the security and familiarity of your life. Packing so many times forces you to think what you really need in life. All this endless consumption does not result in measurably increased happiness, ha? I think we all agree that best stuff in life isn’t stuff at all. Simply put, having less leads to enjoying life more.

But more than anything, I think I helped government make a lot of money with my ongoing changes of ID’s . 🙂 And when I think about dealing with bureaucracy again – bring it on.

People come and go

The hardest part of moving is being away from people I love. I can still remember the feeling when my heavy heart was beating incredibly fast when I left Slovenia. I could feel the 700 km between old and new chapter of my life. I waved goodbye with smile on my face, but I was screaming on the inside. I knew a part of me was gone forever and I couldn’t stop it.

I’d lie if I say that I don’t miss certain people who are not anymore in my life. Sometimes, I think about how it would be if our paths would align again. But it is time to make new stories and cherish the ones that will stay forever in our hearts.

Life does not look back.

I know my life will never look the same. But that’s ok. It’s all about moving. We move on. Everyday. Every second. This was (or still is) a challenge I would not trade a second of.

To the moon, to the stars, to the sea. 🙂 Enjoy your ride.


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