E-learning web application

Our school system is noisy, very noisy. Web application was designed in year 2010 on the basis of people needs (user centered, friendly) as experimental part of my final thesis (University of Ljubljana, Graphic technology).


The final thesis describes E-learning application and factors which influence planning, designing and developing e-learning content. I also analyzed positive and negative sides of web applications, technologies used to increase interactivity and support of formats. Thesis also exposes some possible solutions and offers proposals for future E-learning web applications.


With combination of PHP/Ruby on Rails, Javascript (jQuery), Google Gears, smart text-to-picture tagging, personalized desktops, liquid layouts, … and with lots of other unforgettable features I know this application can change the way of learning.


Key words: User centered, usability, simplicity, accessibility, sharing, collaboration, participation, engagment, video, audio, games, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Javascript, open APIs, Google Gears,  Augmented Reality


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  1. jana

    romina bolj kot analiziram tole, bolj noro se mi zdi!!!! :)

  2. maja

    woow ja tole je pa TTTooop SHIT !!! čimprej v promet…they will beg 4 it… u rock!*

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